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At Symphony Pads, our mission is simple: To meet all your real estate needs, as thoroughly and efficiently as possible, in the culturally-bountiful Symphony-Fenway area of Boston. We know this area with landmarks like Fenway Park and Symphony Hall, and new condo developments, is an exciting place to live with a vigorous real estate market. That is why we created the web’s premier Boston real estate portal with the tools, resources, and connections you need to buy and sell property, rent apartments, or market vacancies.

How do we do it? It starts with the powerful Symphony Pads database. Whether you want to buy property or rent, the Symphony Pads sales and rental database allows you to search listings based on your specific parameters. With over 150 real estate agents adding properties for sale, buyers will have plenty to choose from. The rental listings are just as robust. And since staff update the database daily, you never need to worry about missing the perfect place for you or wasting time on out-of-date listings.

Of course, Symphony Pads also has great services available to landlords and sellers. If you are a landlord, list your no-fee vacancies right here to fill them with high-quality tenants fast. Your vacancies will be listed with a description, a video tour, pictures, and more at no cost to you. If you are selling property, list it here and use the Symphony Pads portal to get in touch with one of over 150 knowledgeable, local real estate agents.

Between the interactive property and rental databases, information, connections to local agencies, and tools like the mortgage calculator, Symphony Pads is a one-stop shop for any real estate interest in the Symphony-Fenway neighborhood.