Best Restaurants Near Northeastern University and Symphony Hall

When revelers come pouring out of the Museum of Fine Arts or Symphony Hall, the first thing they look for is a great place to eat. So, it is no surprise that one of the most thriving cultural districts in Boston offers a plethora of yummy dining options. Whether you want a hip, yet upscale, sushi dinner, a quick bite before you head to a show, or an amazing slice of pizza, there is something to your taste among these best restaurants near Northeastern University and Symphony Hall. 


Pre-concert dining without the rush at Symphony Café.

Before you catch a show at Symphony Hall, you probably want a relaxing dinner and drink. What you do not want is a rushed walk through Boston’s winding streets to get to your seat before curtain. That is why Symphony Hall has its own café, and a delicious one at that. The restaurant is only open seasonally, and offers elevated American classics fit to any tastes, including vegetarian options. Whether you want to sample treats from the buffet or get a full three-course meal, Symphony Café is one of the best restaurants near Symphony Hall. And, when you are done enjoying your food, you can mosey right over to your seat!


Super tasty Middle Eastern takeout at Boston Shawarma.

Craving chicken, lamb, or falafel slathered in tzatziki and hummus with loads of fresh veggies? Any Northeastern student or faculty member would point you toward Huntington Avenue for Boston Shawarma. For very reasonable prices, this eatery serves up Middle Eastern classics in a friendly, casual setting. If you love authentic Middle Eastern food, then this is definitely one of the best restaurants near Northeastern University.


Get your favorite Vietnamese and Thai dishes at Pho and I.

If you are looking for a great place to eat near Symphony Hall, but cannot decide between Vietnamese and Thai, you are in luck. Pho and I does both cuisines perfectly, with very wallet-friendly prices – especially if you are ordering from the lunch menu. Whether you are craving a cozy bowl of pho, crunchy pad thai with a kick, or a more adventurous selection from the house specials, you are covered. That is because Pho and I, in all its noodly goodness, is one of the best restaurants near Symphony Hall.


Fresh and authentic Mexican food served up fast at Amelia’s Taqueria.

The line might be long, but the wait is deceptively short, for delicious, fresh-made Mexican favorites at Amelia’s Taqueria. Order up tasty tacos, a burrito, or some other Mexican classic – just be careful with the add-ons, which can inflate the price. Then, choose a fresh squeezed seasonal juice or Mexican soda to give your meal some authentic flair. The fast, healthy, and delectable food is what makes Amelia’s Taqueria one of the best restaurants near Northeastern University.


Friendly service and comforting cuisine at Lucy Ethiopian Café.

Have you ever eaten Ethiopian food? If so, you know to expect to get your hands dirty. Rather than using a knife and fork, diners scoop up fragrant meat, bean, and vegetable dishes with a spongy bread called injera. And at Lucy Ethiopian Café, the injera is made with teff flour, like you get in Ethiopia. But, if you are not used to Ethiopian food, do not fret – Lucy Ethiopian Café will serve up doro wat and other dishes light on the spicy berbere for beginners. The tasty food and comfortable environment help Lucy Ethiopian Café rank among the best restaurants near Symphony Hall.


Hip and tasty Japanese classics at Symphony Sushi.

The best restaurants near Northeastern University do, in fact, include sit-down eateries. And one of the tastiest options has got to be Symphony Sushi. This is a popular spot, so be prepared for a bit of a wait. But, then, enjoy friendly, efficient service and truly spectacular food. There are all the staples of the sushi bar, plus more creative rolls like the Mexican roll and Hawaiian roll. Or, order an entrée from the kitchen. Whatever your favorite flavor of Japanese cuisine, you can find it in droves at Symphony Sushi.


Moby Dick is a family-owned Persian diner near Symphony Hall.

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and felt like you were walking into a family dining room? That is what you get at Moby Dick, a Middle Eastern diner that serves up delectable kabobs, stews, and skewers. Low-carb dieters beware – Moby Dick elevates simple rice to a work of art that comes in tons of delicious flavors. Between the homey atmosphere and the fantastic menu, this is surely one of the best restaurants near Symphony Hall.


Conor Larkin’s Grill and Tap is your friendly neighborhood bar.

Looking for a great burger and a long list of beers on tap? Head to Conor Larkin’s Grill and Tap on Huntington Ave. The classic pub food hits the spot – especially for the super reasonable price. Be warned that, along with being one of the best restaurants near Northeastern University, Conor Larkin’s is definitely a college bar. If you drop in on a weekend, you may find yourself surrounded by students. So, if you do not love a crowd, enjoy the hot wings and cold beer on a weeknight.


Coffee, cakes, and other confections at Caffe Bene.

It is more a cute little café than a restaurant, but Caffe Bene on Massachusetts Avenue serves some creative and delicious coffee concoctions, plus breakfast and sweet treats. Caffe Bene is actually a popular chain similar to Starbucks in South Korea, so their bubble tea and fruity desserts seem eclectic and tasty to Western palates. Pull up a chair, take a sip of smooth coffee, and enjoy one of the best café style restaurants near Symphony Hall and Northeastern University.


Try to just eat one slice at Boston House of Pizza.

This is a chain in the Greater Boston Area that offers delicious pan and Sicilian pizzas with fresh ingredients, tons of toppings, and reasonable prices. It is a satisfying and utterly Bostonian place to grab a slice, but be warned – you might gobble up more than you intended. Boston House of Pizza is truly delicious, and one of the best restaurants near Northeastern University.


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